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When it comes to driving results from distributed teams, alignment is everything.

ThinkTank is a cloud-based, intelligent stakeholder engagement platform used to guide teams through structured execution, with improved alignment,  decision-making, and higher quality outcomes.
Why ThinkTank?

Advanced stakeholder engagement requires us to innovate beyond simple emails, spreadsheets, and the myriad of other unstructured collaboration solutions and truly empower leaders with solutions that focus on managing results and outcomes.

Our Mission

As the leader in intelligent stakeholder engagement, we aim to remove the friction typically associated with business transformations, high-stake projects, and processes that require involvement and alignment from various stakeholders.

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Our Solution

Cloud platform designed for structured stakeholder engagement evolves from being a fragmented process into a strategic priority to ensure all large-scale projects are delivered on time, on budget, in-scope and well adopted.


Our Solutions

Enterprise Software Deployment Management

As businesses race to the cloud, $200b+/year is spent on enterprise software licenses and services.  Yet, 75% of these implementations fail to meet their intended business case due to traditional, analog approaches.


Consultants and Fortune 5,000 companies use ThinkTank to dramatically improve enterprise software deployments by engaging stakeholders through the process to drive alignment of key decisions​.

Stakeholder Engagement & Alignment

The solution that started it all.


ThinkTank's stakeholder workshop and facilitation tools enable leaders and facilitators to conduct high impact workshops, critical meetings, break-out sessions, design thinking, strategy, innovation and executive alignment sessions - without the shackles of traditional sticky note and flip-chart based interaction. Compared to other solutions, ThinkTank provides the structure to develop standardized templates and move participants through a process to a desired outcome.  

Workday Software Deployment Lead

"We would not have been able to deliver our outcomes – either on time or with the same quality, without using this platform"

ThinkTank Stevie Awards
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