About Us

ThinkTank is revolutionizing how enterprises engage their distributed stakeholders on mission critical projects, using an advanced, comprehensive and scalable digital approach to driving outcomes and results.

Enterprises globally are investing $78 trillion on capital projects  and infrastructure thru 2025, to drive efficiency and competitiveness, yet over 70% of projects fail to meet their intended ROI, largely due to a lack of effectiveness in managing stakeholders.   In an increasingly remote-working economy, the importance of enterprise stakeholder engagement is only growing.


Stakeholder engagement is recognized as a critical dependency for project success but is still typically managed via manual facilitation, disaggregated point solutions, spreadsheets, expensive travel and email.

A lack of automation leads to an unwillingness of people to engage, inaccurate project definition, poor requirements management, change resistance and project slippage.

Businesses must adapt for the way they engage, in a digital-first, remote engagement economy.

Addressing the Value Gap 

Business transformation projects routinely see a value gap in the delivered business value versus the intended business value.  This gap is a classic function of stakeholders being poorly engaged in requirements definition or not adequately engaged in transition planning and execution.

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Advanced stakeholder engagement requires innovation beyond point solutions, unstructured collaboration tools and traditional project tracking, by empowering project leaders with solutions that focus on managing results and outcomes.

Our Solution

ThinkTank's Intelligent Stakeholder Engagement Platform provides the most proven, comprehensive and scalable approach to enterprise stakeholder engagement. Through the use of ThinkTank, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of failure and waste across enterprise business transformation programs.

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Projects and business transformation initiatives powered by ThinkTank deliver:





reduced quality

issues and costs.

Up to


improved adoption

and lasting results.

Risk Reduction

in delivery and

project execution.

ThinkTank has enabled the successful completion of more than 10,000 global projects, including over 250 Fortune 1000 global business transformation programs.