Agile Team Alignment & Execution

Of the $3.4 Trillion in software delivery spending, Gartner points out that 71% of these initiatives will fail to meet their intended business case.  Research attributes this failure to the inability of leaders to manage, guide and engage stakeholders effectively during the lifecycle of a project or business transformation initiative.
Software development and deployment projects routinely see a value gap in the delivered business value versus the intended business value.  This gap is a classic function of stakeholders being poorly engaged or not adequately engaged in requirements, transition planning and execution.
While COVID-19 was clear catalyst for mass remote working, we have also learned that remote teams must be as or more aligned and productive than before.  Generic open-ended collaboration tools that support agile processes historically will not be enough – structured and intelligent stakeholder engagement tools are needed.

ThinkTank Engage For Agile Teams

ThinkTank Engage brings structure and stakeholder alignment, with solutions to help teams improve performance and organizational alignment across the agile process.
Our SaaS intelligent stakeholder engagement platform combines a suite of real-time and asynchronous digital engagement tools, along with execution templates specifically designed to remove the friction and cost associated with continuous alignment of requirements and priorities of distributed business users and stakeholders - throughout an Agile delivery lifecycle.
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ThinkTank Engage is the perfect complement to your existing enterprise agile planning tools. For example, you can use ThinkTank to engage and align the team around roadmap priorities, and share those roadmap items with Jira as epics.
  • A single source of truth for all key discussions and decisions
  • Engaged stakeholders throughout the process
  • Improved quality and quantity of feedback
  • Aligned priorities at the portfolio, program, and product level
  • Increased team performance
  • Documented audit trail

Benefits of ThinkTank for Agile Teams:

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