Digital Workshops & Facilitation

ThinkTank enables leaders to guide distributed teams through complex planning and transformation programs.  Combining an array of remote workforce productivity and facilitation tools to simplify the process of ideation, categorization, prioritization, and alignment required to reach group consensus. 

Select from pre-built templates for strategy, change, and risk or create your own based on your organization's methodology & IP - it's as easy as that.

Stakeholder engagement & workshop facilitation is stuck in the '90s

Businesses waste millions of dollars per year in flying expensive executives, consultants, and facilitators around the globe to run workshops and group-based activities with flip charts, sticky notes, and brown paper.

ThinkTank has re-invented stakeholder engagement and is already transforming how leaders direct and drive outcomes from remote and distributed teams for Fortune 5000 companies.


Our Digital Workshop toolkit draws on 30+ years of behavioral science to break down barriers and align groups around mission-critical decisions.

Change the way you engage teams

ThinkTank's configurable platform allows you to embed your own methodology and IP into reusable apps to drive standardization and ditch the clunky workbooks and PowerPoints.  Leaders are using ThinkTank to drive strategy, change, and everything in between.

Strategic Planning & Alignment

Enterprise Risk & Internal Audit

Transformation & Change Management

  •  Convene teams and stakeholders in a private digital forum
  • Direct groups along by automatically moving data from one activity to the next 
  • Use powerful collaborative activities to share concepts, crowdsource input, reduce, prioritize, and align on key decisions
  • Slice through politics and bias using selective anonymity
  • Speed time to alignment, while reducing cost of travel, admin, and rework

See how ThinkTank transformed the culture at AIG 

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