High Impact Co-Creation & Alignment Toolkit


Set context, present documents and more, while capturing structured feedback, including detailed change impacts


Engage groups with high impact rapid brainstorming and ideation and organize it on the fly

Capture Input

Allow groups to share input, requirements, and more via self-paced smart forms and surveys


Bring teams to consensus on key themes and enable insight into how aligned the group is

Other ThinkTank Features
  • Enterprise-grade Security
  • Availability on Mobile and Desktop
  • Real-time or Asynchronous Modes
  • Ability to move data from one step to the next
  • Reusable Templates
  • In-App Analytics
  • Standard and Advanced Exports


Taking web presentation and context setting to the next level, ThinkTank offers interactive Presenting with structured feedback.
Participants can:
  • Get aligned around projects and pursuits
  • Share structured feedback attributed to demographics and their role
  • Interact with the group around the shared content and context
Present Activity 1.png


ThinkTank's Source Activity allows facilitators to rapidly source ideas, themes, and input from remote or in-person groups, in brainstorm mode with or without anonymity.

Participants can:
  • Generate parallel rapid input via digital cards
  • Comment, upvote, and build on responses
  • Discuss and align on input to bookmark and pull forward to the next activity
Facilitators can also merge, group, or filter participant responses on the fly.
Source Activity Image.jpg


ThinkTank's Forms Activity allows us to engage specific groups with self-paced requirements gathering, collection of configuration input for enterprise software apps, and even seed the forms with pre-defined values from Accenture expertise and vendor best practices.

Participants can:
  • Self profile their demographic data
  • Self-pace form completion
  • Align on a single answer per demographic
  • Answer a variety of question types with branching logic embedded
  • Use productivity tools for multi-input data
Facilitators can also export aligned results into a vendor compliant workbook, import default values, or export information directly into Jira.
Forms Activity.png


ThinkTank's Vote Activity allows the participants to quickly assess content against a list of Faciliator-defined variables and criteria, highlighting areas of alignment or misalignment.

Participants can:
  • Vote in multi-select, single-select, slider, star, or text answers
  • Provide separate answers per demographic
  • Go back and change their answers
Facilitators can then review results in a bar graph, bubble graph, or raw data
Vote Activity.png
Vote Activity 2.png