Our Story

From the cognitive science of group productivity and organizational behavior to enabling the selection, deployment, and management of enterprise software and business transformation.

It's more than a technology platform...

ThinkTank began as one of the world's leading research projects into the cognitive behavioral science behind group productivity and the collective intelligence of distributed people working together to achieve successful outcomes.


From this groundbreaking research, our original experts, Jay Nunamaker and Dr. Robert Briggs developed the framework for successful stakeholder management that forms the basis of how our intelligent stakeholder engagement product works today.

Jay Nunamaker

Jay Nunamaker featured in Forbes magazine as one of eight key innovators in information technology. Nunamaker's research has led to major breakthroughs in collaboration, decision support systems, and automated systems analysis and design.  Known for testing theories and systems in the “real world.”

Dr. Robert Briggs

Dr. Robert Briggs studies the cognitive foundations of collaboration.  Co-founder of the field of Collaboration Engineering and co-inventor of the ‘Thinklets’ design pattern language for collaborative work practices. Made scientific contributions on group productivity, ideation, creativity, consensus, change, technology transition, and satisfaction.

ThinkTank's roots are in Workshop & Digital Facilitation, where behavioral science and collaboration methods are used guide teams to successful outcomes.

Since then, our platform has extended into an overall intelligent stakeholder engagement platform that the world's leading services firms and their clients rely on to revolutionize business transformation and the implementation of enterprise software.