• Karissa Warmack

Break the Wheel with Consensus Automation

A decade of storytelling was coming to an end and 19.3 million viewers tuned in to the series finale of Game of Thrones. And despite fan backlash (don’t get us started on Bran the Broken!), the rapidly popular series’ most enduring life lesson is that those who believe there is only one way of doing things are the first to be left behind. For non-viewers, it was the Dragon Queen’s desire to “break the wheel” suggesting the possibility of a better approach.


We hear it time and time again, but communication really is key when it comes to creating the most effective team for your organization. With the goal of achieving consensus, rather than total agreements, team members should voice their concerns and ideas, which leaders will then facilitate in an ultimate solution. This trans-bureaucratic communication gives team members the opportunity to contribute their expertise and leaders the knowledge they need to make the best decisions.

Chief Engagement Officer.

Business leaders have coined employee engagement as a move from the ‘command-control’ role to ‘authentic leadership.’ The “new” CEOs understand the value of gaining insight and motivating engagement at all levels from employees to partners to customers. These engaged CEOs focus on creating a business culture that's expansive with a new set of principles including transparency, integrity and collaboration.

More ideas.

You know that voice in your head? The one that tells you that idea isn’t good enough and they will think poorly of you if you pitch that? Everyone has one of their own, and that voice’s volume gets turned up when trying to impress a superior in a seemingly high-stakes interaction. To make the team feel more comfortable, managers do not have to drop their titles and awkwardly jump between ranks. Instead, they can and should exert influence without authority. In other words, they can lead their colleagues without barking orders and micromanaging. Curate a working environment in which everyone feels comfortable pitching their wildest ideas; the next one may just be a game-changer.

ThinkTank has re-invented client and stakeholder engagement, transforming how leaders direct and drive outcomes from remote and distributed teams. Consensus Automation system uses 30+ years of behavioral science to guide leaders and teams to successful outcomes on mission critical initiatives that require group alignment.

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