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Consultants & Systems Integrators – Is Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) on Your Radar Screen?

Want to sound like an expert sommelier? Tell your clients to pair that perfectly marbled Kobe Ribeye with a 2014 Odette Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. How about pop culture? Hop on a Peloton and simultaneously watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on your Samsung Frame TV. Need to bring next-generation business practices to your clients? Get in on Intelligent Process Automation.

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is a set of technologies that integrates AI, machine learning and automation capabilities to re-imagine how business processes work. It helps remove repetitive and routine tasks like conventional automation tools. It not only mimics human activities, but learns from them and improves over time, without the need for human intervention.

Processes that become automated require less human involvement and certainly less human time to execute to its utmost efficiency. And the benefits are too good ignore: greater efficiency levels, improved staff performance, less risk, better response times and more positive customer experiences. Additionally, you’re ultimately freeing your staff from enduring countless hours of productivity that could have been better applied elsewhere in your business’ developments.

Now, rather than simply automating your client’s processes with IPA, can consultants apply this technology and approach to how they engage and guide their clients through complex ERP or enterprise technology deployments? Absolutely!

First, take a moment to consider how a business adopts (cloud) software technology. Then ask yourself:

  • “What’s our own methodology for enterprise software implementation?”

  • “How do we take clients from Discover to Design, Develop (or configure) and Deploy?”

  • “Is our methodology delivery process still manual?”

  • “Does our approach to guiding clients through a high stakes implementation process facilitate more business?”

If your approach relies on consultants facilitating every last step, you are likely doing something wrong. If your approach is outdated, manual and prone to ambiguity or risk, then you are doing your client a disservice. Remember, clients are looking to their trusted advisors to bring new and innovative ways to deliver value and this is where IPA comes in. It’s already top of mind with the folks at McKinsey who’ve been busy hiring IPA-equipped consultants.

Clearly, we’re believers as our ThinkTank Engage solution is all about intelligently automating the ERP and enterprise software deployment process. So, we’re sharing a couple of inspiring articles on IPA that we hope may stimulate some new thinking for client engagement leaders, and the ever-changing role of the consultant/systems integrator.

· Intelligent process automation: The engine at the core of the next-generation operating model - https://www.mckinsey.com/business-functions/digital-mckinsey/our-insights/intelligent-process-automation-the-engine-at-the-core-of-the-next-generation-operating-model

· Intelligent Process Automation — The 4 Levels of AI-Enablement - https://medium.com/cognilytica/intelligent-process-automation-the-4-levels-of-ai-enablement-e5e0184961d2

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