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Deloitte & Brandpie Extend Collaborations with ThinkTank for Orchestrating Strategy, Transformation

Using next-generation collective intelligence to deliver mission critical strategy, transformation and enterprise software projects in a remote working economy.

DENVER, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- ThinkTank, the global leader in Intelligent Stakeholder Engagement, has announced continued expansion of its strategic relationships with Deloitte and Brandpie.

ThinkTank's SaaS platform, known as ThinkTank Engage, enables leaders of business and technology transformation programs to guide distributed and remote groups of stakeholders to select, deploy, and manage the lifecycle of business requirements, changes and upgrades associated to enterprise software.

ThinkTank's extensive application library allows customers to easily create standard practices that support their own proprietary delivery approach or methodology. Leaders of such initiatives within Fortune 2000 enterprises can enjoy a more predictable and quality outcome, higher rates of acceptance and adoption due to increased alignment, speed to business results, and increased agility with respect to upgrades, enhancements, migrations, and changes to business processes.

Deloitte will extend its use of the platform by leveraging ThinkTank's enhanced platform for further automation and agile delivery of cloud enterprise software implementations with global clients. Over the last two years, ThinkTank has provided the toolsets to enable Deloitte to improve the consistency and quality of client engagements, advance and digitize implementation methodology, and increase communications and change management. ThinkTank and Deloitte continue to collaborate on how to best leverage ThinkTank's new asynchronous forms and workflow capability to further streamline how global businesses design, capture, and configure cloud enterprise software systems to improve their dynamic business processes.

"ThinkTank has enabled our teams to extend the reach and increase global client involvement, quality and understanding. With repeatable usage of ThinkTank tools and templates, we are able to increase our speed to value on our cloud enterprise application implementations," says Dan Sundt – Principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP. "Quality and lasting results for our clients is always one of our goals. ThinkTank helps increase our collaboration with client user groups to increase the probability of a project success, especially at a time when most projects are delivered virtually due to the travel restrictions placed during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Brandpie, a leading brand and culture transformation consultancy that uses purpose to drive its change programs, has pioneered the use of collective intelligence approaches to employee engagement. Brandpie have built and branded its own IP and offering 'VYTALS', with ThinkTank's digital stakeholder engagement platform at its heart. VYTALS is a real-time online crowdsourcing solution that brings employees together to capture opinions, evaluate ideas and stimulate innovation.

Brandpie (Brandpie.com) has already employed ThinkTank's unique intelligent stakeholder engagement platform in over 300 engagement sessions with upwards of 15,000 participants in total, engaging digitally with client employees at speed and scale. VYTALS has helped their Fortune 500 clients uncover employee insights that enable them to drive change with company-wide alignment, faster adoption and lasting results.

"Co-creation and collaboration are at our core, and the work we deliver for our clients. We believe working together gets the best result," says Dave Allen, founder and CEO of Brandpie. "In a world where we have all shifted to driving outcomes remotely, ThinkTank has come into its own. Combined with the creativity of our own talented people, it has become our go-to collective intelligence software at the heart of VYTALS."

Here's the release in full: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/deloitte--brandpie-extend-collaborations-with-thinktank-for-orchestrating-strategy-transformation--employee-engagement-301219715.html?tc=eml_cleartime

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