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Get everyone on the same page, even if they can't be in the same room.

In the wake of travel and budget impacts of COVID-19 Coronavirus, GroupSystems.com announces 90-day complimentary access to ThinkTank - a powerful digital engagement and workshop facilitation platform that is used to drive productivity and alignment across distributed stakeholder groups. Maintain momentum on mission critical strategy, enterprise risk and business transformation projects, while people cannot travel or meet.

Read our most recent news release below:

Leaders of mission-critical programs that are at risk due to travel or budget restrictions are offered expert digital tools and templates for guiding distributed teams

DENVER, March 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- GroupSystems, the leading provider of digital engagement and workshop facilitation, has announced that it is offering new customers complimentary access to its platform for businesses with travel or budgetary restrictions driven by the recent spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.

"CEOs, strategy leaders, risk and transformation teams are facing an unprecedented challenge in keeping mission critical projects moving forward during this COVID-19 outbreak.  We believe ThinkTank can help," says Nick Parnaby, GroupSystems CEO.

ThinkTank enables leaders to guide distributed teams through complex planning and transformation programs. The platform combines an array of remote workforce productivity and facilitation tools that simplify the process of ideation, categorization, prioritization and alignment required to reach group consensus. Critical aspects of strategy planning, risk management, and transformation programs.

"In a world of restricted travel, the ability to drive outcomes and consensus across your distributed stakeholders, versus simply chat with them via video conferencing, is about to become a core necessity for businesses on a global stage. ThinkTank does this," says Parnaby. 

The platform includes real-time and asynchronous tools for interactive presentation, crowdsourcing, brainstorming and rapid information collection or requirements gathering. Teams can assess, vote, align and come to consensus with insightful reporting deliverables, exportable data and analytics.

Over 60% of Fortune 100 enterprises and global project leads have used ThinkTank, including five of the largest consulting and systems integration firms, to digitize and standardize methodologies for deployment of transformation, strategy, and enterprise risk programs.

ThinkTank has a proven impact in shortening project lead times by 40%, speeding time to value, reducing travel costs, and reducing ERP deployment failure, all while driving adoption. Transformation teams using ThinkTank are also winning new business through efficient and differentiated digital ways of facilitating client initiatives.

"All current signs point to a protracted impact on travel and the economy. Therefore, we have taken steps to offer our software to leaders of these programs at no cost for the next 90-days," said Parnaby. "We're confident that ThinkTank can help to curb the risks to in-flight projects and those about to begin. We also believe there are lasting benefits for businesses who have yet to adopt a digital engagement platform like ThinkTank."

To learn about ThinkTank and sign up for complimentary access, visit our COVID-19 website at: https://www.groupsystems.com/covid19

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