• Karissa Warmack

Get Ready for The New Crop of Graduates: Digital Engagement & Consensus Automation

By the end of this month, our team will have collectively attended 34 high school and college graduations. We’ve toasted our congratulations and written glowing recommendations (not to mention triple digit checks) from Denver to San Diego to Indiana and the Bronx. And looking at the hundreds/thousands of graduates this year – we’re witnessing the changing social and cultural landscape.

It’s a diverse workplace awaiting these 2019 graduates and for that, we’re grateful. Diversity in teams positively impacts creativity and innovation. There’s value in experiences with multiple perspectives, which inspires novel thinking, connecting thoughts in new ways and different approaches to problem-solving.

But gathering all this diverse input can be challenging and sometimes nearly impossible in a large enterprise. After all, what’s the likelihood that a business or project leader can have a constructive conversation or valuable brainstorming session with 20 people in the room and 45+ across multiple geographies and time zones slogging through endless PowerPoint presentations? And forget tracking their engagement. Even small meetings, in which there’s a dedicated note taker, is not the ideal solution to track and engage. Some people miss meetings, some people talk at meetings, and some people talk over people at meetings and other just won’t speak at all!

Ok, back to those graduation ceremonies. Those graduates are 100% digital natives. They’re connected via smartphones, laptops, tablets and PCs and are accustomed to instant access, communication and delivery (social media, Uber, Amazon, etc.). A 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey showed that 32% of millennials believe innovation and creativity are essential skills organizations should offer. They want to use the latest technologies and work in innovative environments.

Smart business leaders will think about how they can attract and leverage that digital native generation to infuse their organizations with fresh ideas and new approaches. For example, what if a business or project leader could DIGITALLY engage more fully without bias, and with LESS time and complexity? What if there was a more productive way to gather and leverage the company’s diversity – their questions, their issues – in seconds?

Enter ThinkTank’s Workshop & Consensus Automation, an innovative platform that engages all stakeholders to anonymously contribute their feedback, concerns and ideas. With ThinkTank, leaders can collaborate without the drudgery of hours-long meetings or endless email chains. It enables you to have important conversations with 100’s or 1000’s of employees and stakeholders, as if it is 1:1 conversation. And more importantly, for those new and diverse graduates, it’ll speak their language and give them an opportunity to participate, collaborate and contribute.

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