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ThinkTank brings alignment to Agile

ThinkTank Releases Solution to Address Challenges Faced by Distributed Agile Software Delivery Teams

Intelligent Stakeholder Engagement solution brings new ways of working for requirements management, prioritization and alignment for Agile software development teams facing rapidly changing priorities and scope in a remote pandemic era.

Denver, CO (August 2020) – ThinkTank, the global leader in Intelligent Stakeholder Engagement, has released a suite of applications designed to keep distributed agile teams aligned and engaged, regardless of physical location. ThinkTank’s Agile Apps remove the pain of coordinated prioritization, obtaining feedback, and aligning stakeholders throughout the agile development process.

ThinkTank offers unique capabilities to ensure that execution is aligned with planning - namely teams remain on the same page when developing or deploying software. Digital engagement tools allow everyone to have a voice, dynamic voting tools drive alignment of priorities, and simple workflow and notifications guide teams to higher quality results. Now stakeholders across the business involved in key design, requirement, and technical decisions can be continuously included, engaged, and aligned at the right moment.

“Traditional Agile Planning Tools available today are helpful for teams to manage the work and tasks associated with developing or deploying software.” said Brianna Feeney, Vice President of product at ThinkTank. “However, they typically rely on the outcome of other offline and unstructured analog meetings and workshops for setting priorities, capturing requirements, agreeing on acceptance criteria, and stakeholder alignment outside the software. Traditional tools also lack simple and unobtrusive ways for stakeholders to remain engaged and provide feedback as the agile process moves forward to completion and system adoption. With ThinkTank, Agile teams can replace a painful to manage ‘slurry’ of point solutions to achieve continuous alignment – while simultaneously remaining in sync with their Portfolio, Planning and DevOps tools.”

ThinkTank’s SaaS platform enables Product Owners to have a single forum for distributed agile teams to engage and align when developing, configuring, deploying, and maintaining software. From strategic planning through the evolving requirements process, ThinkTank provides a simple user interface for people to contribute to the decisions that power portfolio, agile planning, DevOps, and ITSM tools. ThinkTank is compatible with with many tools used by Agile teams today.

“We have been using the new ThinkTank Agile execution apps ourselves as we build out our next generation stakeholder engagement platform.” said Ken Sickles, CTO at ThinkTank. “They proved invaluable in ensuring that strategic plans we co-created with our Board and senior leadership were aligned with the product roadmap we were delivering. This new solution also ensured that feedback came from an inclusive and representative group of customers and was captured in a consistent digital format that could be used throughout the agile development lifecycle. Compared to the way we used to do this, it has been a game changer, so we are delighted to bring this new capability to all agile leaders and teams.”

For more on this or to get a demo, visit - https://www.thinktank.net/agile-team-alignment-execution

About ThinkTank

ThinkTank’s Intelligent Stakeholder Engagement platform is relied on by Fortune 2000 enterprises and their trusted consulting partners to reduce the friction and failure associated with team execution, group decision making, and organizational alignment on mission-critical business transformation programs. Using a unique blend of real-time remote facilitation with asynchronous task management, smart forms and workflow, ThinkTank empowers leaders to reduce the time and cost associated with ramping transformation teams and continuously collecting and prioritizing complex business requirements. Our SaaS platform and solution templates are routinely used to guide stakeholders to successful outcomes on enterprise software, business transformation, strategy planning and change management initiatives. For more information, visit: www.thinktank.net - ThinkTank by GroupSystems Corp.

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