• Karissa Warmack

Three Certainties - Death, Taxes & ERP Deployment Failures?

“In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Ben Franklin

You can’t cheat the grim reaper (average U.S. life expectancy is 78.69 years), Uncle Sam (personal tax average is $10,489) or ERP project mismanagement (75% of ERP implementations fail).

Or Can You? Walt Disney and the Frozen Dead Guy up in Nederland, CO may beg to differ.

Well, yes, death is a certainty, but with today’s medical advances and trending lifestyle changes, people are living longer and healthier lives. And yep, though we all must answer to the IRS, a wise accountant can often ease your tax burden a bit. And better still, with the right automated ERP implementation solution - you can also avoid ERP implementation disasters. In fact, using ThinkTank’s Enterprise Software Deployment Automation solutions can reduce stakeholder engagement risk, cost of quality and accelerate the sales, deployment and adoption of enterprise apps.

Need some proof?

Success Snapshot:

A major US Retailer was teaming with a Big 4 consulting firm to build and deploy an enterprise asset management system. But the company was aware that many software development projects fail. Meaning, they are either late, over budget, fail to meet stakeholder expectations, or require expensive backtracking and rework. Their priority - quickly test and validate their taxonomy structure before rolling it out company wide.

Using ThinkThank, the consulting firm ensured broad participation across several siloed teams resulting in buy-in and adoption. They uncovered potentially catastrophic roadblocks enabling the team to adjust and make modifications, saving months of post launch corrections.

The consulting and systems integration team, leveraging ThinkTank, found it invaluable in meeting a very aggressive design timeline for the client. Configuration and preparation took very little time, and the results significantly contributed to a design that supports the client’s expanding Digital Asset Management system with clear vocabulary and structures that are relevant and easy to understand.

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