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What Marie Kondo (the 'Tidying Up' phenom) can teach professional services firms & consultants

Marie Kondo has recently become a media darling and the undisputed queen of de-cluttering, through her award-winning book, and her smash hit Netflix show ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.' She has shown how people can ‘spark joy’ for themselves, families and friends by re-organizing their lives. Her process stresses that people should only keep things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer ‘spark joy.’ How cute. But is there a hidden meaning for us corporate business types? We think so.

Taking inspiration from Kondo’s KonMari method, we have outlined key areas for consultants to 'tidy up' and refine in 2019 - and beyond - to ‘spark joy’ for customers, clients and valuable employees.

Improving & Sustaining Client/Stakeholder Engagement

Your enterprise clients are comprised of a variety of stakeholders each with their own set of baggage. Your challenge is how to engage that broad group for optimum alignment and maximum results. Using a digital system of engagement, with Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), is the key. As trusted advisors to our clients, especially when they are in the process of selecting technologies and applications that will shake up the very core of the business processes they operate, engagement automation is critical.

Gone are the days of flying hordes of junior consultants and SMEs to every client location, armed with complex excel workbooks and reams of flip chart sheets. Stakeholder engagement has moved to the digital realm. Fortunately, this means we all benefit from systems that enable exhaustive requirements gathering, while affording all key business areas to participate, ensuring adoption (and ROI) of the new process or technology occurs.

Eliminating Scope Creep

Scope creep is a real risk and happens when a project isn’t properly defined, documented or controlled often resulting in cost overrun. Forget sparking joy. Trust us when we say that ballooning budgets and exploding project timelines will do little but spark fear and loathing (AKA margin impact and lower client satisfaction).

You can drastically eliminate scope creep by engaging all critical stakeholders and contributors in an automated process. Gathering requirements, compiling change impacts and soliciting consensus-based input in an automated process enables your client to painlessly reach consensus on the best approach. This process keeps its own audit trail and accountability log, helping you meet project objectives and deliverables.

Exceeding Expectations

Guiding your clients through the requirement phase while leveraging hundreds of prior implementations can quickly speed time-to-value when you already have a blue print for success, embedded within your methodology.

ThinkTank’s Enterprise Software Deployment Automation solution allows you to templatize these learnings and your delivery methodology to efficiently capture global and local requirements. Our proven process delivers time savings of approximately 40% in global or local design phases of an ERP deployment process. It can also protect up to 20% in fee write-offs that are put at risk due to the cost of quality in a complex enterprise application deployment.

That should SPARK JOY across the board, right?!

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